Monthly Archives: December 2011

  1. For many years, it was believed that today was Edward MacDowell’s 150th birthday, but the evidence points to it actually being his 151st. MacDowell was the first American composer of international stature, although it seems increasingly rare to hear his music today. For several years, I championed his beautiful Sonata Eroica, and recorded it along […]

  2. Chris Foley was my wife’s accompanist when they were both doctoral students at the Eastman School of Music. Chris maintains an outstanding resource, The Collaborative Piano Blog. The info is not only for collaborative pianists, however–for example, this series of articles 31 Days to Better Practicing contains a cornucopia of ideas that are sure to […]

  3. As we drove up, the clashing sounds of two out-of-tune upright pianos greeted us. We were fifteen minutes late, but Rebecca, my wife, and I were the only ones who seemed to notice. We got out of the truck and entered a two-room building where thirty students were waiting for me to present a master […]